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YEC Member Company Clever Girls Collective Launches "Influencer Marketing for Dummies"

9781119114093.pdfYEC member Kristy Sammis, Founder of Clever Girls Collective, Inc., an influencer marketing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area, has recently announced the launch of their new book, Influencer Marketing for Dummies.

Clever Girls connects large brands such as Disney, Cover Girl, Kroger, Ford, GAP, and Office Depot with their network of over 7,000 women who are influential in social media.

Influencer Marketing for Dummies teaches readers everything they need to know about the hybrid of content marketing and native advertising. "Influencer Marketing is incredibly popular right now, which is great! But it also means that there's a ton of bad information out there and crazy notions about what Influencer Marketing is and isn't." says Kristy. "My agency, Clever Girls, has been focused on this for seven years. After all this time, we know what works. This book was an opportunity for us to just lay it all out."

The book is currently available for order on Amazon.