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YEC Member Company Cortex Finds That Colors, Not People, Boost Instagram Engagement

YEC members Brennan White and Matt Peters recently published a report on their company blog with some interesting findings: viewers are much more attached to colorful images than they are to people in Instagram posts. Not only that, but "controlling for any other content features, images featuring [the color] Medium Aquamarine perform 52% better than average in engagement rate across the entire luxury hospitality industry."

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What's more?

Peters found that photos of palaces specifically -- above beaches, water, or cityscapes -- perform better than anything else in the luxury hospitality space. "In fact, images featuring palatial buildings and structural elements outperform average engagement rates by 30% across the industry."

Cortex software uses artificial intelligence to empower data-driven creativity, helping marketers make content that drives results.

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Trust the quality of the location and the image,” White told Luxury Daily on their findings. “Overwhelmingly, for luxury Instagram posts with no Instagram filter perform best. This is not true with most other industries."

And once you have the perfect setting, let the photo do the talking.

“Don’t rely on an Instagram filter to fix a bad photo,” he said. “Invest in a great photo and great setting, and let the photo speak for itself.”

For more information, read more about their findings here.


Images courtesy of Peters. 

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