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YEC Member Company Inversoft Launches New Product and User Management Platform

This week, we wanted to highlight YEC member company Inversoft, who launched a new user management platform.


In December, YEC member Brian Pontarelli and his team launched Passport, which helps companies add login, registration and single sign-on to any application quickly and effectively. This can dramatically reduce development time and cost for new products coming to market.

Passport is easy to implement via a RESTful JSON API. It not only provides single sign-on between applications, games, forums, help desks, user accounts and other offerings, but it also gives companies a comprehensive view of user activity. It does not stitch together multiple databases and backends. Instead, Passport supports all user management needs with a single database.

The platform supports messaging in the user’s localized language, and offers built-in analytics and the ability to discipline and reward users as desired.

Pontarelli explains, “I’ve always felt like the industry was stuck using old-school technology that takes far too long to implement. I just didn’t understand why it wasn’t simpler and faster to set up and integrate with a user management system. Then I thought, what if there was a simple API that used more modern technologies like REST and JSON? What if that API made it simple to register, login and authorize users? What if it also had features like discipline and rewarding? What if this system also provided reports companies actually need?” Passport was built in response.

News of the Passport launch has been covered in eWeek and Beta News. You can read more in their press release and on Inversoft’s blog.

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