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YEC Member Company Kayson Launches Family-Friendly Business Conference, MORE: the retreat

YEC member company Kayson, led by founder and CEO Amber Anderson, will launch MORE: the retreat on July 22, 2016.

Kayson, which was established in 2012 in Mesa, AZ, offers assessments, strategic planning, workshops, retreats and more to help businesses grow. Kayson believes in working with passionate entrepreneurs and providing them with the support they need to balance work and home life.

Says Anderson: "I started my business after having my son, Kayson, premature. At the time, he was less than 4 lbs. and couldn't see or hear. I needed help getting my business off the ground, but there were absolutely no programs or services available to support working mothers (especially those with newborns), so I created it. Our first event is MORE: the retreat. We have received praise from several areas and plan on offering more family-friendly events and programs as a result."

Kayson believes that many business retreats are hard on families because they are often costly, inconvenient and take professionals away from their partners and children.

MORE: the retreat serves to resolve challenges for entrepreneurs and business owners with their work-life balance by providing them with an environment where they can have it all. The family-friendly business conference is designed to give working professionals access to resources, information and time to grow their worlds both professionally and personally.

Services offered at the retreat include structured and unstructured networking opportunities, onsite childcare services, open discussions on business and family topics, professional and family photos, crowdsourcing workshops and more.

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