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YEC Member Company MAVRCK Raises $5 Million in Venture Funding

YEC member company MAVRCK, a marketing platform for social influence, recently raised $5 million in funding with participation from Kepha Partners and GrandBanks Capital. This brings the company's total funding to $8.3 million.

As YEC member and co-founder / CEO of MAVRCK Lyle Stevens said on TechCrunch: "We are seeing a drastic expansion in the types of influencers, their use cases and the scalability of influencer marketing as it becomes more automated. Traditional ‘insta-famous’ bloggers or YouTube stars were managed via spreadsheets and used in one-off campaigns to help drive brand awareness. We are now seeing everyday consumers with highly engaged friend circles being used in an ‘always on’ methodology to help with a range of business objectives including customer acquisition, loyalty/retention and consumer insights."

Founder and partner of Kepha Partners, Jo Tango, was especially impressed with MAVRCK's "ability to drive measurable conversions on social and deliver authentic, targeted audience engagement independent of ad-blocking software and changes to social networks’ algorithms," he said.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, MAVRCK helps numerous brands drive sales by giving them a human touch on social. It begins by identifying a brand's most influential customers on social, activating them to create and share branded content at scale, and then engaging the influencers’ friends on social to drive conversion.Where MAVRCK sets itself apart from other word-of-mouth and influencer-marketing platforms is through its focus on micro-influencer marketing among a brand's own customer base and cross-channel activation on social. Rather than targeting all influencers with the same marketing message, it identifies micro-influencers by their ability to engage their friends and followers around relevant topics, with targeting based on everything from demographics and location to life events and keywords. Some of MAVRCK's premier brands include Tom's of Maine, Gillette and Hershey's, to name a few.

Read more about MAVRCK's recent fundraising on TechCrunch, and see their official release, here.

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