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YEC Member Company NeoLight Raises $1.4 Million Seed Round

YEC member company NeoLight, led by YEC'er Vivek Kopparthi, has raised an impressive $1.4 million seed round. After closing an initial $600,000 deal in February, the med tech startup has raised another $800,000 from a group of angel investors who choose to remain anonymous.

NeoLight, which is committed to eradicating neonatal jaundice, plans to use the money to hire four full-time engineers who will focus on both product and research development. The Phoenix-based company also hopes to carry out its mission in even bigger ways.

“We have moved on from being just a ‘jaundice' company to be a newborn care medical device company that makes empathy-driven technology for infants,” said Kopparthi. “We want to provide more care for infants and not just treatment options.”

NeoLight’s devices provide light therapy to easily treat jaundice, the third-highest cause for babies to be readmitted to hospitals.

The company has also developed a new conductive infant warming technology, called Pringle, which Kopparthi says will transform the neonatal warming industry.

“Our technology is flexible, easily able to be carried and helps minimize weight loss with infants," Kopparthi said. "The bottom line is we put care in our technology. That’s the essential part that differentiates us from market leaders."

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