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YEC Member Company Rand Internet Marketing Announces Multiple New Partnerships

YEC Member company Rand Internet Marketing, a marketing agency providing e-commerce solutions, recently announced the formation of numerous new partnerships within two months. CEO and YEC'er Seth Rand is excited about the additional services and options for his e-commerce clients, which he believes will help them grow and succeed.

This past June, Rand Internet Marketing introduced Sage and Logicbroker into the realm of its services.

Sage is a leading provider of business management software and services. It uses smart technology to help accounting, HR, payment solutions and more to support an energetic community of talented entrepreneurs, business owners, accountants, tradespeople and more. "We're excited to be partnering with Sage," says Rand. "We believe Sage will provide successful solutions that will deliver positive results for our clients."

Rand Internet Marketing's partnership with Logicbroker will eliminate excess time, money and room for error that's typically associated with the manual shipping processes. It is the most complete electronic data interchange and drop ship automation platform available. This will ensure accurate order information with trading partners as well as the client's own internal systems.

Just a month later, Rand Internet Marketing landed a partnership with Klarna, ShippingEasy and Shopper Approved.

Klarna, founded in Stockholm in 2005, is a safe and easy-to-use payment solution for e-stores. Consumers can make online purchases with just their email address and zip code after their first purchase. The convenience factor reduces the percentage of shoppers abandoning their cart prior to checkout. Best of all, "Klarna even assumes the customer risk, meaning that the merchant gets paid even if the consumer doesn't pay Klarna," this press release reports. Rand hopes this especially aid his clients with conversion rates on mobile apps.

ShippingEasy is a cloud-based shipping app for individuals selling online and integrates with a range of e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. "I was impressed by their cloud-based platform, affordable pricing, integration with Magento and WooCommerce, affordable USPS solutions, and the integration of clients' existing account pricing for UPS, Fedex, and DHL," says Rand.

With Shopper Approved, sellers will see their customer reviews on major search engines and platforms, including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube and more. Their visible ratings will build their online reputation and credibility. "Clients that switch to Shopper Approved from other competing services consistently collect up to 70 times more ratings and reviews than they did with their previous provider," according to this press release.

Even more recently, Rand Internet Marketing was also able to secure a number of new partners. These include: Silverpop, XPS Ship, NoFraud, OroCRM, SLI Systems, SFBW, Fan Playr and One Payment -- a variety of engagement solutions and shipping and distribution platforms.

Please join us in offering our congrats to Rand Internet Marketing for its tremendous success these past few months. If you're a YEC member and have awesome news to share (product launch, new partnerships, etc.), give us the details here.