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YEC Member Company Round Table Companies (RTC) Can Help You Write Your First Book

Round Table Companies (RTC), a book writing, ghost writing and publishing company founded by YEC member Corey Blake, is one of the newest members of YEC’s Vetted Vendor Network.

RTC's goal is to be the greatest agency experience you could possibly desire. This is the new age of marketing. It’s about being real, not being clever. It’s about humility, humanity, trust, vulnerability and creating a sense of intimacy between your brand and your customers. They do that by helping you write the book you were meant to write while building out your complete thought leadership ecosystem.

YEC members can now access two exclusive offers through the YEC Marketplace from RTC, including:

  • $10,000 off full book development for an entire year
  • Free one-hour book writing consultation with RTC's CEO, Corey Blake.

Please note that offers are valid for YEC members only.

Says Cody McLain, founder of WireFuseMedia and YEC member,

RTC is filled with a passionate group of people working together to bring out the brilliance of so many amazing people. They're helping me share my story with the world in a way that would be impossible by myself. I'm honored to be working with such a brilliant company.
To learn more about Round Table Companies, visit roundtablecompanies.com. To claim your exclusive offer and take advantage of RTC’s expertise, visit the YEC Marketplace now.