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YEC Member Company Skybell Partners With Xfinity Home on a Comprehensive Smart Home System

YEC member Andrew Thomas, co-founder of SkyBell, recently announced an exciting partnership with Comcast to bring the SkyBell Video Doorbell to the Xfinity Home platform. SkyBell, a wi-fi enabled video doorbell that allows a homeowner to see, hear and speak to the person at the door from their smartphone, is joining Nest and others on Comcast's initial list of smart home offerings.

Featuring a motion sensor, night vision and an on-demand feature that allows users to activate the video feed from an app, SkyBell is one of only a few companies that is part of both Comcast Xfinity Home and Apple's HomeKit program.

Through this partnership, Comcast Xfinity subscribers will soon experience a seamless user experience with their SkyBell and enjoy the new levels of home security it provides. SkyBell joins other players in this growing market as Xfinity brings together the hottest home-tech devices to offer users a single, cohesive automation solution.

"We want to help people unlock the potential of their smart home," said Dan Herscovici, SVP and General Manager of Xfinity Home in this release.

You can learn more about the exciting partnership -- as well as the various options for updating your own home into a smart, automated system -- here.

[Image courtesy of SkyBell]