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YEC Member Company TalentEgg acquired by CharityVillage

YEC member Lauren Friese announced in July that her company TalentEgg was being acquired by the company CharityVillage.

CharityVillage serves as Canada’s leading online resource and job board for the nonprofit sector. Now celebrating 20 years in business, the acquisition will help CharityVillage reach a young, eager and well-educated workforce. Through these developments, the reach and audience for CharityVillage’s jobs has increased dramatically, as well as the opportunity to inform, develop and recruit prospective future employees.

Both companies have seen tremendous growth in recent years. According to statistics in CharityVillage's press release announcing the acquisition, TalentEgg attracts more than four million students and recent grads each year and has worked with many of Canada's top employers including KPMG, Kraft and IBM. CharityVillage is visited over nine million times each year and receives over 60 million page views.

Says Friese, “I'm proud of what we've accomplished to-date, but the future is even brighter for students, grads and employers.”

Steph Morgan, TalentEgg's General Manager and VP of Sales, will lead the company post-acquisition. You can read more about it here.