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YEC Member Company Time Doctor Can Help Make Your Remote Team More Productive

Time Doctor, a remote time-tracking analytics and payroll software built by YEC member Liam Martin, is one of the newest members of YEC's Vetted Vendor Network.

Designed to help companies better manage remote workers and maintain high levels of productivity, Time Doctor was built to help both individuals and organizations with remote work and finish what's important to them.

YEC members can now access an exclusive offer through the YEC Marketplace from Time Doctor: a 60-day extension of your Time Doctor Trial (which equates to a free 90-day trial for you and your team) when you sign up through the YEC Marketplace. What's more, Time Doctor will give you $100 back if you track more than 20 hours in a week and the app doesn't make you and your team more productive.

Please note that offers are valid for YEC members only.

Says Andrew Angus, co-founder and CEO of Switch Merge (switchmerge.com) and YEC member:

Working with TimeDoctor and Staff.com has helped us bootstrap Switch Merge to launch. Having a reliable, cost effective team has been crucial to our success.

To learn more about Time Doctor, visit TimeDoctor.com. To claim your exclusive offer and take advantage of Time Doctor’s expertise, visit the YEC Marketplace now.