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YEC Member Company Trulioo Named Top Innovator at Integrate 2015

Last month, YEC member Stephen Ufford, co-founder of global ID verification company Trulioo, was named Top Innovator at the Integrate 2015 conference. An event focused around integrating technologies together for custom solutions sets, winners of conference awards are considered future-looking innovators in their industries.

Ufford's company Trulioo is a global ID verification company focused on building trust online, best privacy practices and financial inclusion. A serial entrepreneur, Ufford co-founded Trulioo in 2011 after becoming inspired by a CNN segment about a woman from India who wept after seeing her Facebook profile for the first time. It was then that Stephen and his co-founder realized the profound impact a cyber identity had on people, especially in developing countries where most citizens don’t have a record of their existence. With a cyber footprint, they no longer had to be invisible.

The company's new Global Gateway product -- which won them the award -- enables businesses to perform frictionless, on-demand instant ID Verification for 3 billion people in over 40 countries. GlobalGateway offers the widest coverage in the market. Its API was designed for scalability and flexibility to ensure that it is ready to meet the future needs of today's global marketplace. Trulioo is working to fix the problem of broken identity that today affects so many online businesses and continues to stifle economic growth and internet innovation.

From the founder of Integrate and CEO of Data 2.0 Geoff Domoracki: “Trulioo’s technology is a great example of a new wave of API-centric solutions that is replacing old-school software. With its vendor-agnostic API, Trulioo is providing businesses with instant access to 145 data sources worldwide through a single integration making Trulioo the marketplace for global KYC identity verification.”


The company was honored to be a recipient of the Top Innovator award at Integrate 2015. You can see more about the winners, here.

[Image courtesy of Trulioo.]