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YEC Member Company TUNE Acquires Artisan

YEC Member Company TUNE recently announced its acquisition of Artisan to enhance users' personalized mobile experience. The news was officially released on July 23rd at TUNE's annual Postback conference in Seattle, Washington. YEC members Lee Brown and Lucas Brown, co-founders of TUNE, have been using their expertise in technology and business modeling to propel their business since its start in 2009, and have grown rapidly since then.

TUNE supports the mobile marketing sphere, letting advertisers know which marketing efforts lead to the most mobile app downloads. The popular SaaS is trusted by top brands like Sephora, American Airlines, Sony and Expedia to measure their mobile marketing performance. With the acquisition of Artisan, a mobile marketing automation service, app developers and advertisers will have the resources -- analytics, A/B testing, marketing outreach, customization and more -- to keep the users they worked hard to get.

Dan Koch, the Director of Marketing Automation at TUNE, says, "It's the perfect balance: together, marketers will have everything they need, from the moment the first two bytes of the app are put together to the moment it’s delighting millions of users every day." TUNE and Artisan go together like "peanut butter and jelly," he continues. "We are beyond thrilled to take Artisan -- and the excellence of mobile apps -- to that next level."

The acquisition of Artisan came shortly after the launch of the TUNE Marketing Console, the unification of TUNE's collective products and services into one cohesive dashboard. For the first time, TUNE clients are able to access their data and analytics from MobileDevHQ and MobileAppTracking on the same system. Artisan is also set to integrate with the TUNE Marketing Console.

Rich Wong, a board member at TUNE, says, "Each new product launch and acquisition TUNE makes further streamlines the experience for marketers, and Artisan is another example that provides greater insight from the top of the funnel to the bottom."

Learn more about TUNE and Artisan working together here.