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YEC Member Company Yeti Develops Chelsea Handler's New App

screenshot5YEC member company Yeti just announced that their new, free app is available for download in the iTunes store. Yeti President Tony Scherba and Design Director Geoff House worked with actress and comedian Chelsea Handler to develop "Gotta Go."

The app was created to help its users get out of uncomfortable situations, from bad dates to boring meetups, with built-in excuses you can set ahead of time.

According to Mashable, "It allows you to create and save custom recipes for excuses that you can trigger any time you open the app. For each excuse, you fill a reason (my car is getting towed, for instance), the name of the contact who will call or text you and at what time you want to receive the message. When you save each excuse you add an emoji to help you remember which one is which."

The app is currently only available for iPhone, although the Yeti team hopes to expand soon.

"Working on this project was a fun and exciting break from the mold for us," Scherba told YEC. "We're really excited about all the positive reception we've gotten from this experiment. We hope people have as much fun playing with the app as we had making it.

You can read more about the release here.


Photos courtesy of Yeti.