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YEC Member Dan Kim Steps Down From Red Mango to Launch New Digital Marketing Consultancy

YEC member Dan Kim is in the midst of transitioning out of Red Mango, a frozen yogurt chain that he founded in 2006, to start up a digital branding and marketing consultancy, Dan.Kim&Co.

Kim was CEO at Red Mango from 2006 to 2010, and shifted into the brand’s Chief Concept Officer and Creative Director from 2011 to 2014.

“I’ve been fortunate to have started Red Mango right when digital media was born, which I believe to be 2006/2007. That is right around when Facebook opened its doors to brands, and also when we opened our first Red Mango store,” said Kim. “So for the past nine years, I’ve been able to not only see the growth of Red Mango, but also the marketing landscape, which has become heavily influenced by technology. And this is what makes digital marketing so unique and difficult for many companies — there is usually a gap between tech and marketing. Today’s marketing decision makers are in their 40s and 50s. The good ones really understand digital marketing as a hybrid of technology and traditional marketing strategies, but many are still very reserved about their knowledge of digital marketing.”

The driving force behind Dan.Kim&Co is to connect brands with Millennial consumers (ages 18-3X), a generation large in numbers and, in turn, buying power. This makes marketing toward Millennials critical for most brands if they want a chance at long-term success.

According to Kim, “Millennials this year will become the largest consumer group in the U.S., and they can only really be engaged through digital media.”

So, why start a consultancy right now?

“It’s a great time to take what I’ve learned at Red Mango and help other companies make sense of this gargantuan shift in advertising and marketing,” said Kim. “One that requires not only a strong understanding of effective marketing principles, but also the technology required to implement and measure strategies, as well as the ability to produce compelling content to push into those advertising channels.”

For more information on the services that Dan.Kim&Co. offers, you can read more here or check out the website here.