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YEC Member Dan Price's Employees Repay CEO For Raising Salaries By Buying Him A Tesla


Last year, YEC member Dan Price surprised Gravity Payments employees by raising the minimum wage at the company to $70,000 per year. Last month, they responded by surprising their boss with a gift: a new Tesla.

"Shocked. Still in disbelief. Never imagined this was possible. The team at Gravity Payments saved up and pitched in over the past six months and bought me my dream car," Dan wrote on Facebook in July. "How do I even begin to say thank you?"

The car is a blue Tesla Model S, which is priced starting at $70,000. The car was accompanied by a sign from employees that read, "Dan: Thank you for putting the team before yourself. This gift is our way of showing how much your sacrifice means to us."

Photo courtesy of Dan Price. Photos courtesy of Dan Price.

On the cover of Inc. Magazine last winter – on which Dan was featured – the question was posed: "Is this the best boss in America?"

"He's been up to bat for us, so we figured we could do something nice for him," said Gravity Payments support employee Alyssa O'Neill in a video.

Dan's gift from his staff and last year's salary increase have garnered continual publicity for Dan and his company. Esquire recently profiled Dan in an article, "The Prophet Motive: Is Dan Price a sinner or a savior?"

"Did I raise the salaries for purely benevolent reasons? Yes, but I also wanted to be a hero," Dan told journalist Stephen Rodrick for Esquire. "Doesn't everyone want to be the hero?"

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