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YEC Member George Loucas on Nurturing a Talented Workforce

Alongside an online forum, business services and a concierge team ready to connect our members, we offer a selection of educational materials to help with professional development. Ideal for those who like learning from the best on their own time, these podcasts and videos feature successful entrepreneurs offering insights into best practices for business. [Note: This benefit is for YEC members only. Click here to find out if you qualify.]

In this podcast episode, YEC founder Scott Gerber talks to YEC member George Loucas -- the founder and CEO of Baked FX -- about building and keeping a talented team.

Loucas delves into how his company incorporates a marriage of art and science to keep himself and his team inspired. He also highlights the importance of productivity and team happiness in a “feast or famine” environment. He shares the top qualities he looks for when building a dynamic team regardless of company size, and how he takes control when a work situation runs awry.

YEC members: Check out the full episode, here, and discover more great content at education.yec.co.

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