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YEC Member IdeaPaint Can Help You Transform Your Office

IdeaPaint, a company/product that transforms virtually any space in your office into a boundless dry erase surface founded by YEC member Jeff Avallon, is one of YEC's newest vetted vendors.

IdeaPaint gives you the space you need to fully explore and express your big ideas. Their premium erasable paint accelerates innovation by getting people on their feet working together. Paint an entire room and create a 360 degree work environment.

YEC members can now access this exclusive offer through the YEC Marketplace: 10% Off All IdeaPaint Products from IdeaPaint, Inc.

Please note that offers are valid for YEC members only.

IdeaPaint improves the way people work and the way they work together, helping them collaborate more effectively, be more creative and ultimately get better results.

To learn more about IdeaPaint, visit ideapaint.com. To claim your exclusive offer and take advantage of IdeaPaint’s expertise, visit the YEC Marketplace now.