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YEC Member Jake Nickell on How to Build and Maintain a Thriving Community

In this YEC members-only podcast, Jake Nickell -- founder and CEO of online artist community Threadless -- speaks with YEC founder Scott Gerber about creating a seamless marketplace experience.

In this episode, Nickell compares his days of feeling inexperienced to running a successful business years later, and emphasizes the importance of founders not getting trapped into limiting their risk-taking abilities once they’ve established themselves and their brand.

He also outlines how he keeps both sides of Threadless’s marketplace aligned in a way that supports the artist community while also maintaining a strong customer base. To learn a bit more about his insights into building a strong community, you can read this YEC Quarterly article featuring Nickell and other YEC members speaking on the topic.

YEC members: Check out the podcast here to hear more the biggest lessons he's learned and the story of Threadless. You can also listen to more great podcasts at education.yec.co.