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YEC Member John Ruhlin Published His New Book, Giftology

YEC member John Ruhlin, founder of Ruhlin Group, just published a new book, "Giftology."  Ruhlin Group is a gift strategy and logistics company that helps clients send world class gifts to clients of all interests and size.

Ruhlin has gifted on behalf of everyone from Forbes Magazine to the Fortune 500. Through poignant personal stories and data-backed evidence, he breaks down how anyone can master the magic of Giftology in his book, using these factors as starting off points:

  • Mastering reciprocity, the hidden bottom line booster
  • Laser-targeting whom to give a gift and when to use thrift
  • Uncovering your client’s inner circle and becoming part of it

Ruhlin was recently featured on Forbes, where he explained: “When you act generously, people take notice. They’ll begin to feel appreciated, and in turn, they’ll want to pay it forward. It’s a natural inclination for us to want givers to succeed because we can appreciate the generosity that was shown to us.”

You can now order "Giftology" on Amazon or directly through the page above.

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