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YEC Member Kenneth Cucchia Founds ¡Comida Ahora!, the First U.S.-Based Spanish Language Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

YEC'er Kenneth Cucchia, CEO of Deals 4 Meals, launched a new company in late July. He's excited to announce that ¡Comida Ahora! is the latest addition to his online food order and restaurant delivery franchise.

¡Comida Ahora! is the first U.S.-based Spanish language online ordering platform for restaurants. Users can now browse their favorite restaurants, order online and save money with exclusive coupons and offers -- all in Spanish. When asked why he started this company, Cucchia responded:

"With the large Hispanic population that is present throughout many of our current and future service locations, I thought it was a no-brainer. As a Cuban-American, I am blessed to have been taught Spanish by my mom since birth. My dad doesn't speak a word of Spanish, so that must have been interesting seeing as I apparently didn't really learn English fully until I started going to school. But it's one of the most valuable assets I have. I'm really excited that it allowed us to create something that will be a major added convenience to the Hispanic community."

If you're the owner of a restaurant and would like to get involved with ¡Comida Ahora! or Deals 4 Meals, get connected here.

Congratulations to the team at Deals 4 Meals on launching ¡Comida Ahora!. If you're a YEC member and have exciting news to share, whether it's a new product or company award, share it with us here!