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YEC Member Miles Jennings on Deriving Actionable Steps From Big Ideas

Along with our other member benefits, we offer educational materials to help with professional development. Perfect for those seeking in-depth business advice, we have a series of podcasts and videos featuring successful entrepreneurs offering insights into their hard-won best practices. [Note: This benefit is for YEC members only. Click here to find out if you qualify.]

In this podcast episode, YEC member Miles Jennings, CEO of Recruiter.com, talks to YEC founder Scott Gerber about breaking down your big ideas into manageable steps. He also shares his insights into how he's learned to balance the needs of his tech and business development teams.

Additionally, Jennings offers his thoughts on whether startups actually need a minimum viable product to launch, and the strategy he used to achieve major success across multiple social media channels.


YEC members: Check out the full episode, here, and discover more great content at education.yec.co.

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