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YEC Member Peter Awad Talks to YEC Founder Scott Gerber About the Pendulum Swing of Entrepreneurship.

In this podcast episode, YEC founder Scott Gerber interviews YEC’er Peter Awad, founder of the Slow Hustle Podcast (@SlowHustle). Peter discusses his own observations of the entrepreneur community and how we can better break down those walls to build stronger relationships with one another. He also reveals the components he used to create a successful cold email campaign that boasted a 57 percent open rate.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned, is that no matter the stage that you're in... everybody struggles with essentially the same issues. They've got self-doubt, you've got stress, you have struggles with trying to keep your priorities straight with your family while also building a business, building a team. Just kind of everything that surrounds entrepreneurship in general, just really to me doesn't go away.

To realize that I think is super helpful. You get a lot of folk who look at these guys who are on their 5th, their 10th, their 20th company, and think "oh, that guy's got all his crap figured out. He doesn't struggle with any of the things I struggle with," because he doesn't want to show some weakness.

[But] if you do spark that conversation with that person, you come to find out that even on that 20th company, they're still dealing with the same problems, and because you brought it up, they're like "Hey, here's what I use. Here are my tips and tricks and this is how I manage those things that I just mentioned."

YEC Members: Listen to the podcast here.

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