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YEC Member Shradha Agarwal on Building and Inspiring Your Ideal Team

In this YEC members-only podcast, YEC member Shradha Agarwal, founder and president of ContextMedia, sits down to chat with YEC founder Scott Gerber about building a team with the right people.

In this episode, Agarwal emphasizes the importance of remembering what you’re working towards in your business and using that as your “North Star” to guide your decision making. She also explains what goes into putting together a team of the right people, and discloses her unique formula for channeling creativity in a way that motivates the team and has them focus on the end goal as opposed to the day-to-day “play-by-play” strategy.

YEC members: Check out the podcast here to hear more about putting together your rockstar team and motivating them to succeed. You can also listen to more great podcasts at education.yec.co.

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