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YEC Member Wil Schroter Announces Clarity.fm Acquisition, Launches Startups.co

YEC member and serial entrepreneur Wil Schroter has recently announced the acquisition of Clarity.fm and the launch of Startups.co.

Clarity is a venture-backed company, originally founded by Dan Martell, with a mission to help startup founders succeed. According to its website, Clarity is a marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with top advisors and industry experts to conduct market research, get strategic business advice, or learn a specialized skill to help them grow their business.

News of this acquisition comes alongside the launch of Startups.co, which, according to Schroter in an official announcement, will be “the nexus of our new Startup Launch Platform, and the official name of our parent brand.”

Under the Startups.co umbrella is Clarity; Fundable, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping companies raise capital; Bizplan, which creates online/digital business plans and pitch decks; Launchrock, a platform that helps startups attract their first customers; and KillerStartups, a media site that reviews startups.

Read the full announcement here.