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YEC Members Build Technology-Centered, Futuristic Products

This week, we wanted to highlight three members whose new tools implement cutting-edge technology to shape the future of the world and the way we do business. These tools run the gamut from messaging services to a virtual reality experience that transports one back to prehistoric times.

1. DinoTrek VR: a virtual reality dinosaur experience.


YEC member Jeremy Kenisky’s company Geomedia, Inc. launched DinoTrek VR Experience, a virtual reality dinosaur experience that allows users to (virtually) fly on the wings of a quetzalcoatlus, watch a stampede of diabloceratops, get chased by a tyrannosaurus rex, follow some parasaurolophus under the legs of a brachiosaurus and watch a group of deinonychus attack a stegosaurus in this virtual reality thrill ride. Says Kenisky of the product, “DinoTrek VR is a fully realized VR experience that anyone can enjoy. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how hip you are to new technology, users just need to cue up the app on Cardboard and they’re suddenly transported to a totally new world.”

DinoTrek VR Experience was designed to show people how compelling and immersive 3D narrative and cinematic content can be on a virtual reality device.

2. The Socialite Collection: a line of luxury smart jewelry.


YEC member Gerald Wilmink’s company WiseWear Corporation launched The Socialite Collection, the company's first line of luxury smart jewelry. Created to inspire women to be smart, safe and connected, each piece harnesses the power of advanced technology inside casual yet luxurious jewelry for users to monitor their health and safety in style. Backed with special features including mobile notifications, distress messaging and detailed activity tracking, each bracelet is made of brass and plated in precious metals, such as gold and true rhodium, that offer water resistance and extreme durability.

Says Wilmink of the product, "Today's tech industry is under the misconception that consumers will be satisfied with a product's technical features, no matter what it looks like. WiseWear is determined to challenge this belief by concealing advanced sensing technologies into luxurious jewelry, fusing the strengths of both beauty and brain. We believe that women should have the ability to monitor their health and safety without sacrificing style."

3. Lookup: a messaging service that connects local businesses with users in India.

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YEC member Deepak Ravindran recently launched Lookup, a messaging service for local businesses. Lookup lists businesses, restaurants and even police stations and enables users to message them without ever leaving the app. Users can also locate prices and availability of those business' products or services, book salon appointments or make restaurant reservations.

Lookup recently closed a Series A round in funding from notable investors including Infosys’ Kris Gopalakrishnan and Japan’s DeNA. Just this month alone, the app has received more than 500,000 downloads in India and recorded over 10 million queries from users in India within six months. Says Ravindran of his product, "Lookup strives to eliminate the time that is spent calling, waiting on hold and running around to different stores. Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, recently announced his investment in us."

Congratulations to these YEC members on their exciting product launches! If you're a member and have an exciting launch to announce, share your news here.