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YEC Members Chris Smith and Ben Randolph Launch Golo Legal

YEC Members Chris Smith and Ben Randolph launched Golo Legal, an online marketplace for consumers and businesses to find attorneys.

Golo Legal sets out to streamline the process of finding affordable lawyers, which traditionally can be time-consuming and stressful. Users can now post their legal project on Golo Legal and watch lawyers compete for their business by bidding the price down using a reverse auction.

Says Smith: “After seeing a stagnant trend in the way legal services are procured online, we set out to level the playing field for individuals and businesses in need of affordable, quick and convenient legal counsel at a price that the consumer is willing to pay.”

Not only does Golo Legal benefit clients, attorneys are exposed to an array of legal projects, both big and small, and are given flexibility and control over their lives and careers.  “The Golo Legal platform gives attorneys the most competitive opportunity to compete with other online legal services providers that have historically tried to eliminate the attorney from the process."

Smith is also a partner at Smith Simmons, a law firm that serves Texas and Oklahoma. He and his team cover practice areas in business law, estate planning, family law, and litigation.

Randolph, the founder of Agency Entourage, creates an “entrepreneurial agency culture” that helps build collaborative relationships with his clients and with each other in a think-tank community.

With Golo Legal, Smith and Randolph have combined their respective expertise in law and digital collaboration for a unique user experience to address what they see as a hole in the provision of online legal services, whether they fall under wills/trusts, family, nonprofit, business and more.

"Everyone that needs an attorney should have access to an attorney they can afford. Golo Legal is the first online legal services platform that couples the consumer’s desire for a cost-effective legal solution, while providing attorneys an opportunity to provide the value that only a local attorney can provide,” says Smith.  "It’s truly a win-win,” adds Randolph.

Visit Golo Legal at www.gololegal.com to learn more.

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