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YEC Members Launch New Fitness and Exploration-Oriented Apps

We like to share the most recent projects of our YEC members. They never fail to impress and always evoke our own creative ideas. The two members below recently released apps related to fitness: one gets us off the couch and the other keeps us safe doing what we love. Let's congratulate them on their launches.

Sworkit Kids, a New Fitness App for Kids

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.23.31 PMYEC member Benjamin Young's company Sworkit just launched the kids' version of their popular fitness app. Ben is passionate about changing peoples' behavior toward fitness, especially children who can more easily develop healthy lifelong exercise patterns when they're young.

Sworkit provides 5-60-minute strength, yoga, pilates and stretching workouts requiring no equipment. The kids' version, designed to meet the recommended amount of exercise for children ages 5-14, features exercise videos by kids for kids and focuses on movements that promote strength, agility and flexibility in a way that is entertaining for that age demographic.

Sworkit Kids is available to download for free. For additional information, visit www.sworkit.com.

Avanet, a Web and Mobile Platform for Sharing Mountain Safety Information

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 3.50.55 PMThe mission at Avatech, an outdoor technology company, is to build a safer mountain community and save lives. Recently, YEC member and co-founder of Avatech, Brint Markle, announced the launch of the company's new web and mobile platform, which allows anyone in a mountain community to share real-time information, such as photos, videos, comments, alerts or observations from others nearby.

Avanet has a number of other features including:

  • Crowdsourced mountain safety information. Learn from real-time observations of your community and share your own observations to help others.
  • Route planning and mobile tracking. Plan and track routes and share with friends and colleagues to improve group communication and learning.
  • Terrain visualization. Use terrain visualization to help you think about what terrain is appropriate for the day.

Visit avatech.com for more information, download the app here and check out the video below:



If you’re a member and have an exciting launch to announce, share your news here.