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YEC Members Launch Stunning New Products and Services

It's been a busy season for these four YEC member companies. As they pull back the curtains on new products and services, it's clear they are leading the charge in innovation and design. Even in markets that may seem saturated, these entrepreneurs open yet more doors, showing there are no boundaries to ideas, and niche markets are only going to get bigger.

1. Custom pants for your body type from Blank Label.

CEO Fan Bi's company Blank Label is the first company to offer custom pants online. The company has been making custom shirts online for six years -- shipping over 100,000 custom dress shirts -- and is now ready to do the same with pants: chinos, corduroy and soon-to-be jeans. The brand's core focus is to provide personal fit, since most people don't fit into modular off-the-rack sizing and have to compromise, sitting in clothes for hours that aren't actually comfortable.

The company has been on a tear lately, winning Best of Boston the last two years, opening its second store in D.C. with Chicago right around the corner, and is excited to have recently brought its pants offerings online. "We're in a class of online custom companies looking to disrupt the stogie, traditional custom industry by making it easier and cheaper," says CEO Fan Bi.

He adds: "We're staying true to our belief that custom doesn't just need to be affordable, but also accessible, meaning pants as well as dress shirts can be ordered online without a measuring tape. Using data science, we've got an algorithm to create a sizing pattern based off a few some questions like height, weight, waist size and inseam length.

Visit the launch page here and learn more about Blank Label in the video below:


2. Rubikloud Technologies introduces RUDI to analyze retail data and provide insights. 

Early in October, Rubikloud Technologies launched their new product, Rudi, which helps retailers analyze and execute disparate, high-volume data sources. Dan Theirl, CPO and co-founder, says, "I've personally been involved in helping retailers grow their business my entire career. Analyzing and deciding what actions to take has been the most difficult challenge retailers face."

RUDI performs the following:

  • Ingests, cleanses, processes and aggregates multiple sources of retail and external data
  • Automatically analyzes data sources and finds correlations
  • Find's root causes of major business KPI changes
  • Makes actionable and specific recommendations on a daily basis to improve KPI's
  • Explains analysis in human readable language for executives, marketers brand and category managers of retail organizations

Learn more about RUDI here, and check out the company's creative video:


3. Designing websites without code using Webflow CMS

Webflow CMS empowers designers to build custom, dynamic websites without writing code, managing databases or hiring a developer. Adding new dynamic content is as easy as filling out a form. It's the world's first design platform that integrates live data into an intuitive visual interface

"At Webflow, we want to make it easier for great ideas to reach the web in a professional, cleanly coded way that offers people a great experience on any device. While other website builders are available, they usually produce sites you've seen a thousand times before, or run on clunky, unresponsive code that slows down the site or creates issues on mobile devices. With Webflow CMS, a single designer can create a powerful, dynamic, and responsive site in a matter of days, or even hours," says CEO Vlad Magdalin

Learn more about this product here:


4. Real wood bluetooth speakers from LSTN Sound Co.

Thanks to LSTN Sound Co.'s highly successful Indiegogo campaign, their next great invention will hit the market soon: portable bluetooth speakers. "We've combined classic aesthetics with incredible sound," says co-founder Bridget Hilton. She and her team knew these speakers needed to be the best in the market, and that's what they set out to build. LSTN began with the goal of changing lives through the power of music, with proceeds going to the company's charity partner Starkey Hearing Foundation to help others hear for the first time.

Regarding the company's success, Bridget says, "Thank you so much for your support over the last few years while we build LSTN. It’s been a truly amazing journey and we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you who has been a supporter of the company and our mission to provide hearing throughout the world."

You can order the speakers at lstnsound.co, and don't forget to check out the video:



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