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YEC Members Mentor Students in Draper University Entrepreneurship Program

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Two YEC members donated their time and expertise to students in the Draper University program this summer, and three more are planning to participate this fall. The seven week program is for student entrepreneurs who want to build and launch a world-changing startup in only 2 months.

Through YEC, Michael Margolis and Jason Shah mentored entrepreneurs in the program this summer, while Bhavin ParikhRichard White and Mark Hammond are planning to mentor program participants in the fall. Mentors help guide students through the experience, offering wisdom from their own journey's building numerous companies. 

Another YEC member -- Brian Friedman, Founder and CEO of Looped -- is an alumni of the program.

The Draper University program is focused in Silicon Valley, and includes hands-on experiential learning from top founders, CEOs and VCs. Students design and build their own companies, and at the end of seven weeks pitch their businesses to a panel of Angel's and VCs.

From Jason Shah: "To be a part of the program is to remember why one is an entrepreneur. The hustle, the passion, the hard work -- the cleverness of the entrepreneurs in the program is invigorating and inspiring."

You can learn more about the program and the companies students and alumni have founded -- Alumni of the program have started over 185 companies and raised over $15 million -- on their blog or on their online TV channel.

If you're a YEC member and would like to get involved in this or other mentorship opportunities, feel free to reach out to your member concierge.