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YEC Monthly Recap: March 2016

In our second monthly roundup video, we cover the exciting events and new service offerings from March 2016. A thrilling month, March included our SXSW event, a cocktail party in San Francisco and more. In the video, we showcase these events as well as mention how we can help you this Spring. Take a look:



To get the most out of April, be sure to check out events.yec.co and see what's happening in your city this month. As well, don't forget to answer a few questions from the new batch of Q&As opening next Wednesday.

Excited about helping out your fellow members? We've launched our YEC Marketplace, where you can provide perks for your fellow members. Just reach out to your member concierge to learn more. We’ve also partnered with Inc. on their Inc. 5000 list. Apply using the code YEC5000 and you’ll save 20 percent on the application fee and be part of a sublist on Inc. when the list goes live.

As well, keep an eye on your mailbox -- yes, your physical mailbox! -- for a copy of our latest YEC Quarterly Magazine.

Happy April, everyone!

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