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YEC Monthly Recap: May 2016

In this YEC monthly recap, we highlight our newest ways to save members their time and money, and showcase the exciting ways you can take advantage of your YEC membership for continued education. Watch the video below to learn more:



The month of May included some incredible events — YEC Connections in LA and YEC Founders Dinner Las Vegas — and there's more to come this summer. We've also launched our members-only event partnership program to help you engage with fellow members at events around the country. You can email your member concierge to learn more.

We also launched our new Business Concierge service to offer discounts on vetted products and services in the marketplace. Our concierge team can also make direct introductions to help save you time and money while you run your business.

Don't forget to also check out education.yec.co to browse our How To series and Virtual Speaker series. Both are great opportunities to learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs around.

To continue the educational theme, we also published our most recent edition of the YEC Quarterly magazine last month! In this issue, we discuss the challenges of scaling while also featuring photos from YEC Escape and exceptional articles written by a few of our members.

As well, we highlighted your accomplishments as business founders in our YEC Achievements section. As we prep the next issue, we're also looking for your most recent achievements. If you have any news to share (for instance, you've written a book, make a rockstar new hire, raised a round of funding, opened a new office), let us know at yec.co/achievements and we'll feature it in the next issue.

Have a wonderful June, everyone!

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