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YEC Member Companies Acquired, Launch New Products and More

With Q1 well under way, entrepreneurs of YEC are celebrating many achievements in 2018 -- from recent acquisitions to introducing revolutionary new products. Below, we highlight seven members and their big news.

V.I.P Waste Services Acquired by Valet Living

Jesse Lear and Travis Smith's company V.I.P. Waste Services has been acquired by Valet Living, a business based out of Tampa, FL. V.I.P. Waste Services offers both doorstep collection and recycling amenities to multifamily communities, and shares a mission with Valet Living. Says Lear, "It was our dream to someday be acquired by Valet Living, and seven years later, it happened."

Read more about the acquisition here.

Michael Lisovetsky Talks ROI on Entrepreneur.com

Entrepreneur magazine recently featured an interview with JUICE co-founder Michael Lisovetsky and Entrepreneur Network partner Jessica Abo. Lisovetsky explains how startups can focus on both growth and marketing to reach as many consumers as possible. JUICE is a performance-based digital growth and marketing agency with a strict focus on maximizing ROI.

Watch the full video here.

Provata Health Acquired by StayWell

YEC member Alex Goldberg's company Provata Health was acquired by Merck & Co subsidiary StayWell. Provata Health is a Portland, OR-based digital health company that delivers scientifically proven population health programs to employers, health plans and hospital systems. StayWell is a health empowerment company that enables populations to improve health outcomes through the science of behavior change. Provata’s employees will become StayWell employees and give the company a presence in Portland.

Read more about the acquisition here.

Travod Launches Desktop Publishing Feature

YEC member Sergiu Matei's company Travod recently launched a desktop publishing feature. Says Matei, "We saw a need from our customers who translate their content into multiple languages to offer design, layout and publishing services." Travod is one of the fastest growing startups in the content and translation industry. Travod localizes content for brands like Amazon, Forbes Group, Disney, Apple, leading translation agencies and startups.

Tatango Acquires Plyfe

YEC member Derek Johnson's company Tatango recently acquired Plyfe. Tatango is a profitable angel-backed company that services businesses and organizations looking for user-friendly, easy-to-use text message marketing services. Plyfe gives marketers the ability to easily create mobile web experiences, such as personality quizzes, swipe left/right (Tinder for anything), trivia, timed trivia, registration, image-based polling, video trivia, video polling, number galleries, sweepstakes, leaderboards and more. Plyfe’s technology will be integrated into the Tatango platform.

Read more about the acquisition here.

YEC member Aman Advani's company Ministry of Supply recently launched a Kickstarter for the first ever intelligent heated jacked. The outerwear is voice controlled, built for anything, automatically heats to the right temperature and learns your behaviors to get better over time. Ministry of Supply's apparel creates performance clothing for work and life so you can move freely, keep cool and stay sharp -- no stress.

Learn more about it and back the Kickstarter here.

These are just a handful of YEC members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on here. Have news of your own to share with the community? Submit your accomplishments to our team.