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YEC Vetted Vendor Company American Patent Agency Can Help You Understand the Patent Process

American Patent Agency, an intellectual property firm founded by YEC member and registered patent agent Dan Hussain, is one of YEC’s newest vetted vendors.

Created by entrepreneurs to help fellow founders, inventors, academic institutions, corporations and more understand how to protect their intellectual property, American Patent Agency helps to make the process of drafting a patent -- and getting an idea to the critical manufacturing stage -- simple and efficient.

YEC members can now access an exclusive offer through the YEC Marketplace from American Patent Agency, including:

  • 15 percent off the hourly rate or a fixed quote.

Please note that offers are valid for YEC members only.

To learn more about American Patent Agency, visit america-patent-agency.com. To take advantage of American Patent Agency's legal expertise, or check out other offers from vendors vetted by YEC, visit the YEC Marketplace.