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YEC Welcomes Ingrid Hartman as Project Manager

This week at YEC, we're very excited to announce the newest addition to our team. Join us in welcoming Project Manager Ingrid Hartman.

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Ingrid graduated from Harvard University, where she studied the environmental impact on China. Ingrid speaks Mandarin and spent two summers in China participating in immersive language programs.

During her free time, Ingrid enjoys kickboxing and Brazilian jiujitsu, which she says is an empowering way to work out and learn self-defense.

Prior to YEC, Ingrid worked at the Northeast Clean Energy Council and the Cleantech Open, where she ran the Northeast events program and acted as a community manager for hundreds of startups, mentors and volunteers. She then worked on Cleantech's marketing strategy and developed business processes and digital systems to support them.

From Ingrid: "I'm excited to join CommunityCo because I have already worked with a passionate community of entrepreneurs and people who want to support entrepreneurs, and I enjoy surrounding myself with that innovative energy. I'm excited to enable a more efficient software development process and build amazing communities! Entrepreneurs and other professionals should be able to easily find the connections and help they need, and I'm looking forward to reducing that friction as much as possible."

Join us in welcoming Ingrid by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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