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Your Weekly YEC Social Roundup

Each week, we like to post what’s been going on with some of our members in the world of social media. Our recap will cover member news and highlights, external publications and hiring needs.

Member News & Highlights

Earlier this week, YEC member Kristen Ruby made an appearance on CNBC Closing Bell to discuss her outlook on the market.

There are hundreds of startups in New York City and Coworking.TheFarm recently came out with a list naming "The 43 Hottest Startups in NYC." Not surprisingly... a few YEC members made the list.

Congratulations to Derek Flanzraich, GreatistJeff Fernandez, Grovo; Jon Hyman, AppBoy; Ross Cohen, BeenVerified; Isaac Oates, JustworksHR; Jeremy Johnson, Andela.

Exciting news for LISNR co-founder Chris Ostoich: His company has just been nominated for the SXSW Interactive Innovation Award, which celebrates and honors the most exciting tech developments in the connected world. LISNR is a finalist in the Music & Audio Innovation category. The award goes to the company that has changed and improved the way you listen to and enjoy music.

Member Publications

In his recent Medium article, "Flipping the Script on Fear and Doubt," YEC'er Matt Cheuvront, owner of ProofBranding, makes it a point to encourage fellow entrepreneurs to continuously push yourself, your brand and your business forward no matter the obstacle.

A recent article from Denver Founders goes into how Joshua Dorkin, founder of BiggerPockets, got started in the real estate business and the success of his company. Joshua states, “If you don’t have passion about your startup you should stop right now.” Go here to read the feature.

In "The Ceiling of Brute Force: Small Businesses Don't Stay Small on Purpose," YEC member Brent Beshore, founder and CEO of Adventur.es, discusses the mistakes, weaknesses, or flaws he sees most often in companies with less than $50M in revenue and/or fewer than 150 employees.

Earlier this week, YEC member company The Muse featured fellow YEC member company Andela in an article about company culture and their office space. We always love seeing collaborations like this. PS: Andela is hiring.

In his recent Inc article, "SaaS Businesses: Don't Screw Up Your Mobile App," YEC member Rahul Varshneya, co-founder of Arkenea, explains how to not screw up your mobile app experience for your customers.

Member Companies Hiring

Grant Gordon's company Solomon Consulting is looking to hire a .NET developer based in Kansas City.

Want to be featured in next week’s YEC Social Roundup? Let us know what you’re up to online and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @YEC.