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Your Weekly YEC Social Roundup

Each week, we’ll recap what’s been going on with some of our members in the world of social media. Our recap will cover member news and highlights, external publications and hiring needs.

Member News & Highlights

Earlier this week, Gravity Payments' Founder and CEO Dan Price was interviewed on France24. During the live broadcast, Dan opens up about running his company, battling income inequality and his reaction to being named "World's Best Boss." To watch the full interview, click here.

Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug, was recently selected for Fortune Magazine's "2015 Top 10 Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs" and will be honored alongside fellow women entrepreneurs at this year’s Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington. Congratulations, Nanxi! Read the full article here.

Erica Dhawan of Cotential made it on Thinkers50 Shortlist for their "Thinkers50 RADAR Award," which identifies business thinkers that are most likely to shape the future of business, business thinking and management. We're happy to congratulate Erica on her amazing recognition.

Member Publications

Ryan Stoner of PublicisSeattle wrote an article in Digiday titled, "Agency Creatives: Wake Up And Smell The Algorithm." In the article, Ryan offers 4 key tenets for creative advertising agencies to keep in mind to champion the value of meaningful creative in a data-driven ad world. Click here to read the full article.

VeryNice Founder, Matthew Manos, was recently interviewed by the team at Core77.Want to learn more about your fellow YEC'er? Click here to read the full article, "Matthew Manos on Giving Half Your Work Away for Free."  Read the .

Erik Huberman of Hawke Media was recently featured in WeWork's Creator Magazine. His article, "In a Competitive Company Culture, Everybody Wins," discusses in detail the internal competition between employees and how to foster individual growth. To read this great piece, click here.

Joshua Lee, President and Co-Founder at Stand Out Authority, was featured in a Business.com article written by his business partner, Clint Evans. In the article titled, “More Profit, Less Resources: Insights on Mindful Leadership," Joshua explains why meditation and delegation are vital for business success. Click here to read the full article.

Peter Awad, Founder and Host of The Slow Hustle Podcast, was interviewed by Forbes in an article titled, "Why This Entrepreneur Packed Up His Family And Embarked On A Year-Long Road Trip." Congratulations on the feature, Peter! To read the full article, click here.

Member Companies Hiring

Dave Kerpen's company, Likeable Local, is looking for a Sales Executive to join their NYC-based team. Interested in the position? View the application here.