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Your Weekly YEC Social Roundup

Each week, we’ll recap what’s been going on with some of our members in the world of social media. Our recap will cover member news and highlights, external publications and hiring needs.

Member News

Earlier this week, Millionaire Media's Timothy Sykes sat down for an interview with Larry King. Known to some as "The Most Famous Penny Stock Trader in the Country," Tim discusses how he made his first million, the secrets behind trading and his nonprofit, "The Timothy Sykes Foundation." To watch the full interview, click here.

Chris Ostoich's company LISNR was named a Finalist in FastCompany's 2015 Innovation By Design Awards Winners: Mobile Apps. From investments to emails, each company exemplifies one core idea: Tiny details make the best mobile designs sing, because those tiny details take on outsize importance. Congratulations, Chris.

John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co,was highlighted in the Forbes article,"10 Keynote Speakers Who Will Keep You Ahead of Digital Marketing Trends." The piece, written by fellow YEC'er John Rampton of Due, showcases those digital marketing pioneers who are steering the industry as forward-thinking experts. John was ranked in as No. 1 with fellow YEC member Rishi Shah of ContextMedia being ranked as No. 8.

Nathan Rothstein of Project Repat was recently featured in MSNBC's "Your Business," which highlights business experts and their secrets for improving their business. In the article, Nathan opens up about the challenges of finding investors and the lessons he's learned from starting a company. Click here to watch the full feature by MSNBC.

Member Publications

Earlier this week, Noobpreneur published an exclusive Q&A with Timothy Sykes on "Building a Solid Online Business." In the interview, Tim shares his story, as well as his insights on how to identify and build a successful online business model. To read the full interview, click here.

Lane Campbell's new venture, June, was featured in Chicago WGN's podcast about how to find and hire top tech talent: "Tech Talent a Turnaround." If you'd like to learn more about Lane's new startup, it's worth the listen.

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