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Your Weekly YEC Social Roundup

Each week, we like to post what’s been going on with some of our members in the world of social media. Our recap will cover member news and highlights, external publications and hiring needs.

Member News & Highlights

Did you catch this week's episode of Silicon Valley? This clip was filmed at YEC member company Wpromote's headquarters, highlighting Michael Mothner and his product.

BIG NEWS for YEC member Kathryn Minshew. Her startup, The Muse, announced on Wednesday that it’s raised $16 million in a Series B funding round. “It’s incredibly important to me that every piece of advice people find is solid,” she says. “The people who use us are not just coming from a clickable link in a social feed, they’re going in and searching and finding the answers to their career questions. So the quality has to be very high across the board.” Congratulations!

Member Publications

Earlier this week, Join Spartan president Jesse Morris sat down with Birch Coffee for Season 3 of their "Stay Regular" series. He discusses family, hospitality, what it takes to start your own business, and what it means to be "a regular".

Hooked founder and CEO Prerna Gupta was recently featured in the LA Times article: "Can the Hooked app find the next 'Harry Potter' for Hollywood?" The article discusses how Hooked is one of several tech companies that are trying to bring better analytics to Hollywood, which is trying to find new ways to target younger audiences who aren’t going to movies as frequently as their parents.

In Inc's "The Lewis Howes Effect: How to Amass a Die-Hard Loyal Following," writer Brian Evans shares how YEC'er Lewis Howes, a former pro athlete turned infamous lifestyle entrepreneur, has inspired him to rediscover himself as an entrepreneur and how he is giving true value by bringing mindfulness to and inspiring greatness in all of his loyal followers.

Kim Kaupe, co-founder of ZinePak, recently wrote an article featured on fellow YEC'er Tiffany Pham's website titled, "Breakups, Breakdowns & Warnings for Young Entrepreneurs." She shares 30 personal truths about business, life, friendships, and family that she wishes someone would have told her about being an entrepreneur before the age of 30.

Want to be featured in next week’s YEC Social Roundup? Let us know what you’re up to online and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @YEC.

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