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Your Weekly YEC Social Roundup

Each week, we’ll recap what’s been going on with some of our members in the world of social media. Our recap will cover member news and highlights, external publications and hiring needs.

Member News & Highlights

Exciting new from YEC'er Andrew Angus. His company, Switch Merge, has just been acquired by Vidyard, a leading company in video marketing and analytics. The acquisition of Switch Merge will make it easy for marketing and sales teams to create, share and track engagement in personalized video content in an automated fashion. Congratulations, Andrew!

Ambassador founder Jeff Epstein was recently featured in a Forbes piece titled, "How Ambassador Enables Enterprise Brands to Track and Manage Word of Mouth Online." The article goes into great detail describing the online platform, hiring processes and the future of the company.

Last week, Heather Schwarz-Lopes of EarlyShares received the 2015 Impact Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit from CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) at the national convention in Seattle. CREW is a 10,000 member organization that exists to influence the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievements of women. Congratulations on your achievement, Heather.

Member Publications

HourlyNerd's co-founder and CEO, Rob Biederman, recently wrote an article for Mashable titled, "Why MBAs Should Consider Working for Startups." He notes that, "Despite the differences, MBA graduates and startups can be a fitting match. Startups provide great opportunities for MBAs in leadership and immediate action, while MBAs bring advanced business acumen that many startups need."

Jun Loayza, CGO of Bunny Inc., recently shared his thoughts on entrepreneurship and finding the right position in Startup Grind's, "How to Get Hired & Learn to be an Entrepreneur by Working for One." It's a great and insightful piece and comes highly recommended.

Earlier this week, Emerson Spartz and his company, Spartz Media, were featured in CNBC's "Is There a Science to Going Viral?" Although admitting that there's no way to guarantee virality, Emerson does know certain formulas can predict what people are going to want to read. To read the full feature, click here.

Member Companies Hiring

In addition to raising $1.3M in a fundraising round (congratulations), Harry Hurst's company, Skurt, is also hiring! There are numerous positions open, from a Communications Manager to Software Engineers. Click here to view each opportunity.

Tomas Gorny's company, Nextiva, is looking for talented Software Engineers. Learn more and apply by clicking here.

YEC member company Syndio is hiring a Sales and Marketing Fall intern. Interested in joining Zachary Johnson and his team in Chicago? Click here to visit the career page.

You Don't Want to Miss This

On Friday, October 9th at 1 p.m. EST, YEC member company HourlyNerd is hosting a free webinar on "How to Build an Effective Marketing Plan." Sign up here to reserve your spot.

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